EMP 8191   F. goli, M. FarzAnegen   3 credits
Epigenetics and Healing Response


Healing pathways are the most important evolutionary responses which protect mankind from extinction and disabilities. Several biological studies demonstrate that most of the psychoneuroimmunologic self-healing pathways are constructed and organized genetically. But each therapist or healer knows that there are some potentional salutogenic pathways which can be activated, behaviorally (Conditioning) and/or energetically (Attunement). After switching these salutogenic pathways, and of course, sufficient training of the neural pathways will be facilitated. The activation of these functional neural networks renders human organism more efficacious and adaptive, so these epigenetic evolutionary pathways can be selected and generalized.

Our activities in the field of healing promotion could be evaluate as adaptive measures which are selected naturally because of their advantages in terms of survival and quality of life.

RESIDENTIAL REQUISITE: Attendance at Bioenergy Economy workshops taught by Dr.Goli and Dr.Farzanegan is required. This elective workshop is taught at various residential locations in the USA, Canada, Germany, Iran and Turkey. Registration for the workshops requires additional fees beyond the EMU tuition for the course. Students must register for the workshops separately with the instructors through www.Bioee.org




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