Energy Medicine University (EMU) has joined forces with Applied Consciousness International (ACI) to create a professional Remote Viewing (RV) research center. The center is managed by Anna Haight, an accomplished EMU/CRV viewer, and directed by Dr. Dominique Surel.

EMU offers courses in the original and powerful CRV protocol that was developed by the US government and used by the military. Although many organizations offer controlled remote viewing courses, the original and complete protocol is rarely taught. EMU’s Professor, Dr. Surel, was trained to the Advanced level by one of the original military viewers and also offers training to Police Officers and Detectives.

The purpose of Energy Medicine University's RV Research Institute is to:

Applied Consciousness International was founded by Dr. Surel and offers trainings and workshops in disciplines that develop intuition and the human consciousness. ACI’s vision is to go beyond the philosophical aspects of consciousness and conduct research with individuals who are experiencing a true evolution of consciousness. Learning the CRV protocol often triggers a shift into another level of consciousness and ACI is researching this phenomenon.

To the best of our knowledge, Energy Medicine University is the first university to pioneer into the field of Controlled Remote Viewing by offering credited CRV courses and participating in CRV research.



RV Research Institute
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