Farzad Goli, MD

Farzad Goli, MD is a senior registered hypnotherapist and health psychologist, and founder of an integrative health model by the name of Bioenergy Economy. He works as a guest researcher at the psychosomatic department of Freiburg University, in Germany.

Professor Goli has established several academic and general workshops and courses in Therapeutic Metaphors, Mindfulness Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Ethnics and Philosophy of Medicine, Mind-Body coordination and Bioenergy-based Therapies.

Dr. Farzad started his clinical experiences as an Eriksonian hypnotherapist physician in 1994 but his work was extended to an integral healing method for leading The Consciousness-Information-Energy-Matter flow to healthy conditions. Mindfulness techniques, cognitive-behavioral interventions, body work and healing methods were integrated in his practice and it has been used by more than 15 thousands clients with various complaints.

Farzad has written several research papers and writings in theoretical medicine, biosemiosis and psychosomatic medicine and transpersonal psychology. The current research includes: a cross-cultural study on physician's reflections, behaviors and attitudes toward breaking bad news for cancer patients. And biopsychosocial versus biomedical reasoning: a cognitive approach, cross cultural variations and influences of attribution style in cancer patients: a systematic review.

Professor Goli has authored seven books among them are- Bioenergy Economy: A Methodological Study on Bioenergy-Based Therapies; Matter, Sign and Love; and A bridge, Thirty three contemplations: From symbology to ontology of imagination. Dr. Goli is establishing two Bioenergy Economy Health centers in Iran and Turkey.

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Iranian Institute of Higher Health
(Danesh-e-Tandorosti Institute)
No 6, Kiani alley, Mir St.

Website: www.bioee.org

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