Mahboubeh Farzanegan, MD

Dr. Mahboubeh Farzanegan, MD is a registered hypnotherapist and health psychologist, and she works as clinical reasoning instructor at Medical University of Isfahan and researcher at psychosomatic department of Freiburg University, in Germany.

Dr. Farzanegan has established several workshops and courses in Transactional Analysis, Bioenergy Economy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and Psychosomatic Medicines.

Professor Farzanegan has more than ten years of individual and group psychotherapy and counseling especially for chronic psychosomatic patients. She has worked with hundreds of clients at her private center for patient education and psychosomatic medicine. In recent years, she focused more on clinical effects of Bioenergy Economy-based programs especially for patients with chronic Musculoskeletal pain, and cancer.

Mahboubeh works on two cross-cultural studies on analyzing psychosocial attitudes toward locus of control and breaking bad news in both cancer patients and oncologists. She has presented at the International Congress on Traditional Medicine & Materia Media in Tehran-Iran and published papers in the Iranian Journal of Higher Health.

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Iranian Institute of Higher Health
(Danesh-e-Tandorosti Institute)
No 6, Kiani alley, Mir St.


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Mahboubeh Farzanegan, MD

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