Q   What is the EMU distance learning approach?

A   Our teaching is not the traditional paper-only correspondence course. Through your semesters you have real-time mentoring experiences with each professor via telephone and if the opportunity presents itself, in-person. You are in weekly or as needed, email communication with the professors; and your course papers are submitted by email. You are guided through each 5-month semester using the course syllabus which you receive upon enrolling in the course. The first step you take is to read the entire syllabus, then contact your instructor to make an appointment for your first student-teacher telephone conversation. This important phone chat will be your orientation to the course and the way that you meet your instructor. Each syllabus is a clearly written instructional outline of:: course textbooks to read, written paper assignments, due dates for papers and exams, oral and written examination, study instructions, and so forth.

Depending on the style of the professor you will have various instructional communication experiences:: live teacher-student internet chat rooms; internet threaded discussions; course papers posted on internet boards for all students to peer edit; teacher and students telephone conferences calls. Some of the professors will arrange streaming video lectures; synchronistic and asynchronistic lectures. One professor has a radio show and archives her shows which provide rich instructional material. Numerous professors have written course handbooks and/or produced CDs and videos for use as instructional teaching material. The majority of the professors are authors and their specialized books are the core materials for the course.

The University has a dedicated internet e-group where all teachers, administration and students can post general communications to the University community.

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Q   How canI get a copy of the University catalog?

A   Please download and printa copy from our website here.

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Q   How do I communicate with my classmates?

A   One of the ways that we support a peer group connection is to give you peer-student contact information. Also, during Program Planning course all students may meet as a group online at which time you exchange personal contact information so that you can create online, telephone or in-person study groups, share information and conduct general conversations.

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Q   Are all the course taught as distance learning? Are there any residential courses?

A   One course is an externship — Energy Medicine Internship. All other courses are offered as distance learning with one exception [see note*]. However, you have the choice to take some courses residentially at EMU and others at various teaching sites. The residentials also require completion of the course papers and text readings.

EMU Residential choices ::

Other Teaching Site Choices ::

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Q   I have no prior professional experience in the field of Holistic Health or Energy Medicine, can I still be considered for admission to the University?

A   Yes, your profile is examined during the admissions process and suggestions are given to you about how to proceed into program acceptance. If you are an adult student seeking a career change that will be taken into consideration, we support our students who are in career transitioning into the Holistic Health field. Some of our students choose this program as a fulfillment of a personal avocation for an intellectual examination of Holistic Health; the nature of body-mind-spirit; or the expanded possibilities of human consciousness, and so forth.

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Q   I do not know what courses to enroll in or where to start with the course choices.

A   This decision is thoroughly examined during the Program Planning course. Our Dean and faculty are experienced in guiding students in program objectives, degree goals and course choices.

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Q   Can I visit the University?

A   You are welcome to visit our University with a prior appointment. As well, the EMU library is accessible for on-campus research work. Email the Registrar for an appointment.

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