Course completion policy is designed to ensure that students maintain satisfactory progress. Students are expected to complete all required coursework within the five-month semester in which they are enrolled; satisfactorily pass the essay or oral exam; and be an active participant in their course.

Students must complete all courses within the allotted five-month semester which is calculated from the commencement of the first course. Students who do not complete a course and do not complete the course with permission from their instructor, within the following five-month period, will be given an unsatisfactory for that course and will be required to reenroll and pay full tuition in order to fulfill completion of that course.

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Faculty-Student Communication

In regard to lessons, projects, and academic papers, the student must agree in writing to respond to all telephone or other electronic communications with the faculty and the University Administration within 3 days of receipt and within 10 days of receipt of written correspondence.

It is essential that all parties respond quickly to correspondence from students, faculty or administration. Reply to a written communication within one week of receipt. A message by telephone, email and fax should be acknowledged within three days of receiving the message. If an answer cannot be given immediately to a communication, at least indicate that the message has been received and give an idea as to when the request will be addressed in greater detail. When faculty will be away for a period of time it is expected that they communicate the dates of their absence to their student and also to the administration by contacting the Administration.

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Evaluations Reports

Midway through each semester, the Registrar will send a Mid-Term Progress Report by email to you and your supervising faculty member. You are required to return this within thirty days for, if there are any matters that require attention, the Registrar will follow up the matter with the appropriate person. We want to be sure that your program is matching your expectations and that you are mastering the organizational skills required to study at a distance. You are also required to submit your Instuctor/Course Evaluation Form within two weeks from the end of semester in order to have your grades recorded for that semester work.

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Grading Standards for Courses

Course grades are based on the following elements of a student's participation and accomplishment. In determining grades the instructors generally use the following formula:

Using this technique, there will be 100 points assigned to the course. Final semester grades will be calculated as follows:



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Course Completion and Communication Policies
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