Course materials may include texts, course packs, Internet links to lectures, audio and videotapes and online research databases, online university libraries, and so forth. Specific requirements will be communicated upon enrollment and within each course syllabus. Gathering of and payment for course materials is the responsibility of the student.

About Distance Learning

Our program is designed for the independent adult learner. Our program is mentored by dedicated teachers and is not a paper-correspondence course program. We have designed our Distance Program courses to include the use of syllabi that allow the professors to work with students so that they learn the material in a supervised, independent course of study. Professors work one-on-one with each student by telephone, fax, email, and Internet conferences. The some of the research courses have the option of campus instruction. Professors welcome meeting you in person if the opportunity presents itself.

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Course Communication Venue

Students must be email and computer literate and write papers in the current Microsoft Word format. Research thesis requires literacy in Microsoft Excel format. All papers are submitted to instructors electronically via the Internet. All coursework is conducted in English.

Computer communication skills will be evaluated by the instructor during the Program Planning course whereupon students will receive computer protocol instruction needed to operate within the curriculum requirements. If needed, additional instruction in computer technology skills will be offered to the students by the University’s internet technology manager. This is not a University course and instruction is offered to the student on an hourly fee basis which is the responsibility of the student to pay directly to the internet technology manager.

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Course Length  

Our programs are offered as five-month semesters. Two semesters commence each year on September 1 and March 1. The September 1 semester ends January 31 and March 1 semester ends July 31. Plan your schedule so that you have ample time to complete the registration, interview and tuition payment before your initial semester begins and thereafter at each successive semester. All admissions paperwork must be completed at least by August 1 and February 1 which is 30 days before the September 1 and March 1 semester commencements. All coursework must be completed two weeks before the end of each semester to be recorded into that semester’s certificate of grades.

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Course Credit Hours

Most Energy Medicine University courses are 3 semester credits. Each individual course is conducted on a five-month semester calendar and upon completion the student earns 3 semester credit units per course. The minimum number of credits a student may enroll in is 3 per semester. The maximum number of credits a student may enroll in is 15 per semester. Students are encouraged to complete 15 credits in a 6-12 months enrollment period.


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Course Materials
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