Current Semester Schedule
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The current semester's schedule information:

According to the information in the Faculty Handbook and School Catalog, as noted below the ***, the current semester schedule of events are as follows:

September 1: Semester start
November 16: Mid-Term
November 23: Mid-Term Evaluations Due
January 31: End of semester

November 1: Changes to or new syllabi due for Spring 2013 Semester courses
February 8: Final grade reports due

If the student has properly petitioned and made a request to the instructor in writing for an extension, and it has been approved and forwarded for recording in the students file in the Registrar's office. Then the dates would shift for semester end and final grade reports due to:

Up to February 28: End of semester
Up to March 7: Final grade report due

Payments will be made 2 weeks after February 8, if all papers are emailed to EMU regarding grading, final exam and the student’s semester (five months) coursework evaluation by the end of semester and all professor documents (current contract on file, faculty performance reviews signed and returned). If paperwork is received after February 8, then payment will be sent within two weeks after all paperwork is received.

Forms for course reports on student progress:


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