EMP 828   D. Benor   3 credits
Phenomenology Theories of Wholisitic Spiritual Healing


Wholistic spiritual healing addresses the many levels of a person’s being, including spirit, relationships (with other people and the environment), mind, emotions and body. A graduate student in the healing professions needs to understand the assumptions and values at the core of their knowledge—in order to fully communicate their own knowledge, critically assess the work of other professionals, and extend their own research and therapeutic methods. Students will explore a spectrum of theories to understand and explain wholistic spiritual healing. No single theory encompasses or explains the entire spectrum of CAM and spiritual approaches to healing. Students will appreciate the overall combination and balance of explanations that together begin to make spiritual healing understandable. Study will be through reading of source books and published papers, writing student papers that review and critically analyze research reports and theories, and critiques of classmates’ papers.


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