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Program Planning 

Students who are planning to transfer credits to an affliate university degree program.


During the first period of enrollment, all students intending to transfer to an affiliate university to obtain a Master or PhD must participate in the Program Planning course with the Dean.


This is the first required Dean-Student communication which all students complete during their first semester of enrollment and prior to beginning any course. The student should work closely with Dean and faculty members to develop a planned program of course study, which will be achievable and thereby finalize their program schedule and timeline.

The Program Planning course communication is carried out through an ongoing dialogue with the Dean and Committee Chair. The essential outcome for the course is the completion of the formal Program Schedule, which establishes the program elements and the timeline for completion transfer to an affiliate university to proceed through its system for a graduate degree. During the course communication students will be asked to read assigned textual materials including the University Program Catalog and the Energy Medicine University website and to participate in dialogue with the Dean and Registrar. This is the appropriate forum for discussing general required program prerequisites. This is also the stage at which ideas are discussed regarding the program courses and the final project as well discussing ideas related to special student-designed courses and individualization of course assignments across the program. Students will also be guided in the selection of materials to guide their scholarly writing, manuscript preparation, and literature search and study skills.

The student is required to have basic computer literary for the degree program communications. Basic proficiency in computer skills will be assessed and necessary skill level will be taught. If additional technical skill level is needed the student may choose to be hourly fee tutored in computer proficiency by the university technology manager or may choose to procure their own private computer tutor.


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