EMP 763    M. Burgess    3 credits
Consciousness, Cosmologies and Maps I


This course is an exploration of consciousness, cosmologies, and maps. The course explores the architecture of personal and collective cosmologies, the evolutionary architecture of individual lives, personal and collective maps, and the mapping process. The mapping process effectively illustrates and illuminates life patterns, behavioral and systemic loops, habitual, traumatic, and transcendental experiences, personal cosmologies, and interpersonal, group and organizational dynamics. It can be used for meeting facilitation and self-inquiry, for insight, change, and growth. Explorations include research, practicum, written reflection, and dialogue.


After completing this course participants will have gained an expanded understanding of consciousness, cosmologies, and mapping; they will have experienced their own consciousness, cosmology, and maps; and they will have developed and expanded their ability to work with consciousness, cosmologies and mapping in their personal and professional lives.


Consciousness, cosmologies, maps, mapping, nature and energy medicine.


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