EMP 712    P. Bradley    3 credits
Personality and Intuition in Psychology— Clinical Approach


The California Psychological Inventory (CPI) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in combination is a powerful tool for psychological assessment. The information you receive through the CPI and MBTI will provide new insight into your personality to assist you in dealing with the emotional material that inevitably comes up in the practice of Energy Medicine. In professional practice one finds that looking at the combination of CPI and MBTI results together greatly enhances human personality discovery.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a wonderful instrument, non-judgmental in its constructs, which takes into account the ways in which we perceive the world (including intuitive processes), and the ways in which we make decisions about what we perceive. The results are more complex than they seem at first blush.


The CPI looks at personality types in a detailed way and you learn the importance of learning about one’s own type for empathic self-knowledge and for understanding client-centered relationships. You will be administered the CPI at the start of this course. You will be presented with an introduction to the history of the CPI, the purpose and psychology of the instrument, how the CPI measures “level of psychological integration,” and why this is so important. The information presented will greatly assist you in understanding your own CPI results. The CPI is a comprehensive psychological assessment instrument, the interpretation of which requires professional training and intuitive skills. The patterns and configurations making up the CPI profile will depict the unique personality of each individual. The information you receive will be based on sound empirical research combined with intuitive perceptions, offered in a supportive, grounded atmosphere of neutrality. You will receive a personal narrative report with information about the test results and their meaning.

Further Course Information
URL for CPI information http://cpp.com/images/reports/smp219250.pdf
URL for MBTI information: http://cpp.com/images/reports/smp261148.pdf


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