Our Founder, Francesca McCartney, PhD will be a healing summit teacher with her live online webcast on Sunday February 5 at 3pm PST.

Francesca will present: Kundalini: A Western Approach - Four Decades of Research and Practice on the Biological Basis and Energy Medicine. Thousands of people have learned a practical application for energy healing, intuitive expansion, creative expression and spiritual connection.

*Historical and biological perspectives on Kundalini as an evolutionary energy
*A proven Western approach for a Kundalini energy meditation/healing practice
*The secret to a transcendent Kundalini experience

The Energy Healing Summit: Teachings, Transmissions, and the Newest Science from 30 of the World's Leading Energy Healers begins on January 31 Tuesday - February 9 Thursday.

Register for the live broadcast at no cost here: Free Live Webinars

And just for signing up, you'll receive as a gift Energy Healing Sounds, five soothing musical tracks for creating the optimal healing environment. The summit features 30 of today's leading energy healing experts, who will be offering insights, new research, techniques for self-care and healing professionals, and a chance to directly experience the power of energy healing.

Other Energy Medicine University professors also offering free webcasts in this summit are Professors Daniel J. Benor, MD, Donna Eden, and James Oschman, PhD. Also Advisory Board Members, Judith Orloff, MD and Norm Shealy, MD.

With Good Thoughts,

Anna Haight
Energy Medicine University

P.S. If you interested in full downloads (more than 37 hours of training), written transcripts, an additional presenter bonuses, and The Energy Healing Summit online video course, check out the upgrade package. It comes with an unconditional, one-year satisfaction guarantee. Upgrade Package


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