Certificate Program :
Certificate in Integrative Holistic Health

Applicants must meet the general admissions requirements of the University, as well as specific requirements of the Certificate program.


General requirements: Fluency in computer, email and Internet usage and current Microsoft Word program. Fluency in the English language. Access to college-level library resources.


The Certificate Program is open to all successful applications with at least a High School diploma or the equivalent.. Certificate students may choose to take one course or many. If an Integrative Holistic Health Certificate is the goal: the Certificate program is 18 semester credit hours. Energy Medicine University offers two five-month semesters per calendar year commencing the first of September and March.


Students may enroll in one or more courses per semester. Each of the six courses earns 3 semester credits. Certificate program requirements are satisfied after completion of 18 credits of coursework. Tuition is $400 per credit unit; plus non-refundable application (one time $100) and registration fees ($100 per semester).


To earn a certificate, students need to complete the six 3-credit certificate courses in one of the Concentrations. Students will earn 18 semester units with completion of the certificate program.


See the School Catalog, or Concentrations for complete listing of courses within these Concentrations:


Admissions Application Form

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Single Course Program:
Single Courses in Integrative Holistic Health

Applicants must meet the general admissions requirements of the university and meet criteria for and apply under the Certificate Program.


Students have the freedom to take any course in the Energy Medicine University cirriculum as long as any prerequisites for the course are met. Students can take as few or as many courses as they wish in this program.


Admissions Application Form

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