Liqui Tian, MBA, PhD

  • The Art of War: Space-Time and Nature Philosophy
  • Study Chinese Character Art with Exploring Meridian Energy System
  • Understanding Huangdi Neijing and TCM Theory with Space-Time Energy
  • Relationship and Life Energy Geometry
  • Space-Time Holography
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory with The Art of War
  • Dr. Tian has done twenty years of research and practice in the areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), Space-Time Holography, diagnosis and bioenergetics. Since 1994, Dr. Tian has worked on her research on TCM theory and space-time energy. She paid more attention on abnormal phenomena and magic pulse diagnosis of Chinese medicine. In her doctorial research on traditional Chinese medicine - “Application of Nonlinear Methods of Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine”, she explored unique imagery information embedded in human pulse phenomena through the relationship between nonlinear natural trace and pulse diagnosis. She developed theory and application of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science.

    In order to understand of "Ziwuliuzhu", " the Five Movements and Six Qi" of traditional Chinese medicine theory and relationship between meridian, time, space and energy, she did research on Chinese cultural classics to find theoretical basis. Through the study of the relationship between Huangdi Neijing and The Art of War, she found out the natural laws of the theoretical foundation of ancient wisdoms ; from language structure analysis of The I Ching and Dao De Jing, she understand the laws of nature awareness and consensus. She has a breakthrough conclusion that the holographic space-time imagery is like the nature’s fingerprint. Every imagery of the thing shows a mark of rotation of heaven and earth. The space and time remains its brand on everything in the universe. Dr. Tian continues on her research now.

    Dr. Tian has been teaching and training since 1988. During recent nine years, She gives her excellent courses to teach and mentor individuals and companies to rationally use their space-time holographic information to achieve their success.

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    Vancouver, BC CANADA

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    Liqi Tian, MBA, PhD

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