Lucia Thornton, RN, MSN, AHN-BC

Professor Thornton has been involved in nursing, holistic healing and healthcare for over 25 years. Early in her nursing career she worked in various clinical settings including emergency and trauma, intensive care, school nursing, research and development and served as Director of Nursing Quality Assurance for the University of Miami Medical Center. Lucia’s desire to provide care for the dying prompted her to help develop one of the first inpatient hospice homes in the country. Lucia also helped create the national process of Board Certification for Holistic Nursing and served as the first Executive Director for the American Holistic Nurses’ Certification Corp. She also established and directed The Visions in Healthcare Council and the Institute of Health and Well Being to foster an awareness of health and healing in her community.

Professor Thornton has taught undergraduate and graduate courses related to psychiatric nursing, leadership and nursing theory at California State University in Fresno. She served on the faculty for the Certificate Program for Holistic Nursing, teaching classes and mentoring students throughout the United States. For the past 7 years Lucia has been involved with developing seminars for hospitals and communities that focus on renewal, transformation, and The Model of Whole-Person Caring. This Model was developed in 1999 in response to the challenge of creating a healthy and healing environment in a hospital that she was consulting with. The implementation of the Model within the hospital had a measurable effect in increasing patient satisfaction, improving staff retention, and creating a healing environment. As a result of implementing the Model of Whole-Person Caring the hospital was awarded the 2004 Norman Cousins Award by the Fetzer Institute for excellence in patient care and relationship based service. Lucia is committed to helping people understand and integrate the Model of Whole-Person Caring at a personal, professional and organizational level. The model is a vehicle to engage students in a scholarly and practical pursuit of defining themselves in a way that acknowledges the infinite, energetic and transcendent fields of Being. The model serves as an ever evolving framework to grow and broaden our perception of who we are and what we do in this world. It is a vehicle to transform us, our work, and our workplace. Professor Thornton is currently President-Elect of the American Holistic Nurses Association. In addition to teaching and consulting she maintains a private practice in holistic nursing. She incorporates counseling and healing modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch, massage, aromatherapy and reflexology in her practice

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Phone/Fax: 559/434-0900
Fresno, California USA
Email: [email protected]

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