Dominique Surel, DM, MBA, PhD
Director - Remote Viewing Research Institute

Dr. Dominique Surel holds a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and specializes in the development of intuition and transformational integration. Her doctoral research explored the role of intuition in the decision making process. She created and teaches Intuitive Intelligence© to help executives make better decisions, identify flow channels, develop forecasting skills, and enhance creativity for R&D and innovation.

Professor Surel holds an MBA and, while living in Paris and London, worked for over 15 years as a consultant for global corporations in strategic positioning. Many of the projects involved corporate culture and communications issues and she quickly realized that creative solutions were not generated from using models but by integrating knowledge, rational thought, and intuition.

Dr. Surel developed Intuitive Intelligence to change the way we use our brain by transcending analytical thinking out of the world of models into a higher sphere of cognitive skills. By increasing intuitive intelligence skills we can tap into the holographic system where non-locality and psi phenomena interact.

Because Intuitive Intelligence is not a model but a transformational integration process Dr. Surel has been coaching individuals helping them to integrate the different components to create a harmonious and productive life. Intuitive Intelligence is a unique and powerful methodology based on scientific findings in neuroscience, quantum physics, radiesthesia, and Controlled Remote Viewing concepts. The knowledge base also includes mastering critical thinking, epistemology and creating new knowledge, emotional intelligence, and spiritual leadership which she teaches.

Professor Surel has been practicing radiesthesia for 15 years and is trained in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) by one of the original US military viewers. Her operational work focuses on business application, police work, and personal development.

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Denver, Colorado USA

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