Albert So, BS, MS, PhD

Dr. Albert So holds a BS, MS and PhD degrees, all in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from The University of Hong Kong. He is a Chartered Engineer in the U.K. and a Registered Professional Engineer in Hong Kong. He had been a lecturer / associate professor / adjunct professor with City University of Hong Kong (the University) for some twenty years.

In 2001, he developed the module “Harmony between Built and Natural Environment” in the MS program in Building Engineering of the University. From 2005 to 2009, he was the Organizing Committee Chair of an international conference series on “Scientific Feng Shui and the Built Environment” held at the City University of Hong Kong. In 2009, jointly with Dr. Michael Mak of The University of Newcastle, Australia, he published the book, Research in Scientific Feng Shui and the Built Environment, by City University of Hong Kong Press. Then, in 2011, with Dr. Mak again, he published the book, Scientific Feng Shui for the Built Environment – Fundamentals and Case Studies, by the same publisher.

Together with some friends who are also Feng Shui masters, Dr. So established the Science Academy of Chinese Culture in Hong Kong in 2012, providing courses in Feng Shui to Hong Kong Management Association and The School of Professional and Continuing Education of The University of Hong Kong. He presented the concept of scientific Feng Shui in various seminars and conferences organized by professional institutions in the discipline of built environment.

As an engineer and also an amateur physicist, Dr. So has been applying various skills in physical science to research and analyze Feng Shui principles and laws, such as spherical geometry and linear algebra etc. His objective is to take Feng Shui from the “metaphysical superstition” position, as viewed by most laymen, to an orthodox discipline in the tertiary education sector. Hopefully, we may have a School of Feng Shui and various undergraduate / postgraduate programs in Feng Shui in universities worldwide in the near future. At present, he is also holding honorary positions with The University of Northampton, The University of Hong Kong and Bo Hei University, P.R.C.

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Bothell, WA USA

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Albert So, PhD

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