EMP 879   C. Laurenson   3 credits
Mentorship in Statistical Analysis


This Mentorship in Statistical Analysis course is designed to be taken concurrently with a doctoral level course in order to complete a research project that requires the design, collection, analysis and presentation of original field data. Students who are working on a research project requiring statistical analysis may also enroll in this course. Participants are mentored through all aspects of proper statistical analysis (including design of the project and data collection, data collection, data analysis, and presentation of the results) using their research project as the guiding vehicle and teaching example. All of the statistical principles and techniques taught will be immediately applied to their research project. University guidelines, the research parameters of the Energy Medicine field, and the guidelines for acceptable statistical practice govern all aspects of the data analysis completed in the research project.


Doctorate students must be concurrently working on a research project that requires the collection and analysis of data.


Course objective is to support the student in the statistical analysis portion of the requirements of a research project representing original work by the student; and in the design, collection, and analysis of data collected from research subjects (field data). The purpose of this course is to mentor the participant through the process of properly designing the study, collecting and analyzing the data, and presenting the findings. That is, the purpose of this course is to guide the participant through all statistical aspects of their research project to ensure that their quantitative analyses are sound and conform to the standards set forth by the Holistic Health field, and the statistics profession.

Using their specific research project as the teaching example, the participants will learn:



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