EMP 847   B. STONE   3 credits
Clearing Past Life Trauma and Other Intuitive Level Disturbances: Soul Detective


Sometimes problems keep recurring in therapy — unexplained phobias and negative reactions to other people. Whether the therapist believes in the theory of reincarnation or not, if the client communicates a belief that the origin of the problem lies in the ancestral realm or in another lifetime, then treating the problem as if it were a past life successfully resolves the issue. This course teaches a way of using clinical kinesiology (also called muscle testing) to access the client’s deepest wisdom to find this information, and then clear the trauma with meridian-based therapies which center the energy field and then delete the trauma by rebalancing the energy flow. This course elaborates the protocols Dr. Stone developed for treating past life trauma and earthbound spirit attachment in her book Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present.

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