EMP 842   B. Rubik   3 credits
The Biofield: Toward a Scientific Foundation for Energy Medicine  


Living systems are complex, nonlinear, dynamical, self-organizing systems of ionic, molecular, intracellular, cellular, and extracellular components, structures, patterns, and processes in continual interaction and transmutation through the mediating effects of energy fields imbued with information. The living system continually exchanges mass, momentum, and energy-with-information within and across multiple levels of organization to heal, maintain, or—in the case of humans—advance themselves. This course will provide a philosophical and scientific overview of holistic biotonic principles that are central to the organism, including the vital force or bioenergy field, also called the biofield. Such holistic field concepts have played central roles in the traditional worldviews and healing systems of all indigenous cultures on earth. Both Eastern and Western biofield concepts will be covered in this course. Although such holistic field concepts generally have been frowned upon in conventional Western science and medicine for over a century, their resurrection may be essential to building an appropriate scientific foundation for energy medicine. The most recent work in biofield science and its future prospects will also be discussed.



Concepts of energy and information in philosophy, physics, and biophysics; the élan vital, chi, prana, and other bioenergy and biofield concepts; the role of self-organizing dynamical systems theory in biology and medicine; homeodynamics; the biofield in embryology and cognitive neurophysiology; East-West theories of the acupuncture system, including the meridians, acupuncture points, and dantians; East-West views of the chakra system; holistic biotonic principles in relation to the dominant biomedical paradigm; recent progress in biofield theory and experiment; the possible relationship between biofields and consciousness; directions for future research.


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