EMP 837    R. Blasband    3 credits
Functional Medicine Research  


Level 2 students must have an honors level of completion of Functional Medicine I or II in order to enroll in this Research level course. Optional events: Research study can be conducted at the The Center for Functional Research is a non-profit 501(c)(3) scientific research and literary organization in Sausalito, California USA. Research study can also be conducted at the The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, in Ashland, Oregon USA.
Prerequisite: Completion of EMP 836


This Research course investigates a continuation of those same principles of Functional Medicine I and II at a deeper level. The focus is on integration of the material into a research study as well as a functional practice.

This course will support, conduct, and disseminate information on research involving the natural energetic processes in living and non-living matter, and the distorted or pathological transformations and variations of natural processes. Fundamental premises at the center of this course is that the same basic processes are operating at the microscopic and macroscopic level, in living and non-living systems, and that these processes are essentially energetic in nature and often co-function with the conscious and unconscious intention of human beings.


The goal of the course is to provide the student with a mode of thought and investigation that is a viable, potentially more productive alternative to mechanism, an alternative that can provide a truer, deeper understanding of Man and nature. To explore participatory realms in order to test the concept: that in disease there is imbalance and disharmony and the spirit cannot flourish.

Of critical importance in this process is the establishment of harmony and balance:


Course packet with more than 50 articles published by Dr. Blasband and other experts on therapy, cancer, orgonomic biophysics, consciousness, and healing. Articles include:

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