EMP 8194   F. goli, M. FarzAnegen   3 credits
Psychosomatic Healing


Systemic approach to human being addresses a non-dualistic, non-reductionistic and non-individualistic framework which represents health and illness in several levels of organization. Healing responses are formed in a biopsychosocial multilevel network. Healing could be switched at infrapersonal (subatomic, atomic, molecular and/or cellular), personal (cognitive-behavioral) and/or ultrapersonal (two-person, family, subculture, culture, biosphere) levels.

Having a systemic attitude and considering all of the levels of organization provide a more effective and coordinating healing practice.

For providing a proper condition for health we need a healing orchestration which can organize biopsychosocial modalities and to integrate alternations of the levels of organization.

Healing systems basically are not disease-oriented, and pathology-based, so in this health-oriented approach we focaused on changing of lifestyle, health beliefs and behaviors, and psychodynamic and bioenergetic modifications.

In this course we learn that for a sustainable health development we need to mention all of the biopsychosocial parameters and we can motivate and stabilize healing responses in more reliable an interdisciplinary health delivery system.

RESIDENTIAL REQUISITE: Attendance at Bioenergy Economy workshops taught by Dr.Goli and Dr.Farzanegan is required. This elective workshop is taught at various residential locations in the USA, Canada, Germany, Iran and Turkey. Registration for the workshops requires additional fees beyond the EMU tuition for the course. Students must register for the workshops separately with the instructors through www.Bioee.org




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