EMP 8192   F. golI   3 credits
Biosemiotic Pharmacology


Placebo effect is the spirit of Medicine. Different therapeutic mechanisms only represent the tip of the iceberg of healing response but there is a folk belief that the healing response (non-specific + specific responses) attributes to the therapeutic method or agent.

Placebo is a neutral matter of sham technique, which can heal because it is expected to heal. In fact, placebo is interpreted as a sign and it produces meaning; anticipation of getting better.

Energy-based therapies like other medical interventions transfer this healing sign in several forms, and induce placebo response in their own manner. If a healer knows the Biosemiotic dynamisms and the function of direct and indirect suggestions in clinical settings s/he can intentionally select and formulate an effective and salutogenic set of signs.

If you mention it or not, healing is occurred in a semiotic atmosphere, and if we want to reduce the failure rate and resistance to healing stream we should organize the act of verbal and non-verbal signs.

RESIDENTIAL REQUISITE: Attendance at Bioenergy Economy workshops taught by Dr.Goli and Dr.Farzanegan is required. This elective workshop is taught at various residential locations in the USA, Canada, Germany, Iran and Turkey. Registration for the workshops requires additional fees beyond the EMU tuition for the course. Students must register for the workshops separately with the instructors through www.Bioee.org





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