EMP 819   F. goli, M. FarzAnegen   3 credits
Bioenergy Economy Healer/Trainership


This course combines on-campus and off-campus components. In addition to reading and written assignments, students will be required to attend four 2-day courses, taught by the instructors, at a residential location of their choice in the USA, Canada, Germany, Iran or Turkey. Registration for the workshops requires additional fees beyond the EMU tuition for the course. Students must register for the workshop separately with the instructor through - www.bioee.org.

BEE Healer/Trainership is a Certificate course for non-degree, degree and postgraduates especially for health professionals. The word Economy etymologically indicates that we need to manage (nomy) our home (Eco) and find reasonable ways to connect resources to deficiency (D) and being (B) needs.

But where is the home? We live in our communicative network, in other words our bioenenrgy flows through a multilevel Intra/Inter/Transpersonal space, and the manner of our bioenergy flow determines our form of life; it constructs energetic architecture of our home.

This course is focused on the basic concepts and skills of Bioenergy Economy in the Intrapersonal and Interpersonal fields. BEE courses are designed for our crucial need for motivating and releasing the healing power into our daily life and medical discourse. Healing servomechanisms are the autopoetic and self-organizing pathways of our organism, which have been repressed because of individual and social abuses.

BEE is an active, autonomic and consciousness-based health promotion program and passive healing is recommended only in formal clinical settings and for a limited period.

RESIDENTIAL REQUISITE: Attendance at Bioenergy Economy workshops taught by Dr.Goli and Dr.Farzanegan is required. This elective workshop is taught at various residential locations in the USA, Canada, Germany, Iran and Turkey. Registration for the workshops requires additional fees beyond the EMU tuition for the course. Students must register for the workshops separately with the instructors through www.Bioee.org


1- Promote Personal development via:
Extending body awareness, settling in the center of gravity (being), developing biofield perception, Increasing biofield resonance, releasing, motivating, reprocessing and opening the Bioenergy flow. Providing more reasonable and proactive cathexis.

2- Healing skills:
Begin to enhance healing servomechanisms for themselves and others via:

3- Training skills:
Begin to perform:

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