EMP 740   D. Feinstein   3 credits
Introduction to Energy Psychology  


This class is organized around a 5-day intensive workshop that introduces students to the fundamental principles and procedures of meridian based Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology draws from ancient spiritual practices and healing traditions, yet it is a thoroughly modern approach that is consistent with current scientific understanding of how emotion and psychological treatments affect the brain.

Using acupuncture points and related energy systems, maladaptive emotional responses can rapidly be uncoupled from their triggers, providing greater freedom to live one’s life more effectively and joyfully. This class is a hands-on introduction that will teach you the basic principles and enough technique that you can immediately begin using Energy Psychology in your own life and, if you are a psychotherapist, to consider how to integrate it into your practice. Students must register for the workshop separately (workshops are listed at www.innersource.net)


By the end of this course, students shall be able to:



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