EMP 725   J. Oschman   3 credits
Introduction to Biophysics in Energy Medicine


This course explores the systems within the human body that transfer and process energy and information in ways that are different from the nervous, hormonal, and biochemical systems as those are usually understood. These energy and information exchanges are carried in the biofields that surround and penetrate the body and in the Living Matrix, consisting of systems of interconnected substrates in the body, comprised of the materials that compose the body: the connective tissues and the fabrics within all of the cells throughout the body; the genetic material/ and the atoms, subatomic particles, and “empty” space that is actually the body’s most pervasive component. Water is an intimate and functional part of this matrix.

Course Topics


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to explain the following principles in the biophysics of the Living Matrix:


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Course Description
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