EMP 719   L. Thornton   3 credits
Introduction to Whole-Person Caring


This course will offer students the opportunity to understand, explore, and integrate a model of care designed and proven to facilitate personal and organizational transformation. The Model of Whole-Person Caring is energetically and spiritually based and is interdisciplinary in nature. Originally designed and implemented for healthcare practitioners and hospitals this model is useful for any profession or organization. A hospital that fully integrated the WPC model was transformed into a place for healing, significantly improved its patient care and staff retention and was awarded the 2004 Norman Cousins Award for excellence in relationship-based care.


The essential elements of theory formation will be analyzed and the utility and application of theories reviewed and discussed. Key concepts and definitions within the Model of Whole-Person Caring will be explored and participants will have the opportunity to integrate selected concepts into their lives and work. The key concepts of the model are: Sacredness of Being, Therapeutic Partnering, Self-Care & Self-Healing, Whole-Person Well Being, Transformational Leadership, and Caring as Sacred Practice. Students will be presented with a variety of readings to stimulate their inquiry into theories that underpin and impact their practices and ways of Being. This course will provide participants with tools to enhance their own well-being and to create healthier environments in which to live and grow.

Fields of Inquiry:


A sampling of texts:

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