Stealth Club at the RV Research Institute

Stealth Club is the name that Energy Medicine University (EMU) Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) students have chosen for their group. Requirements to become a member of the group are strict but the benefits include coaching and critique of session work.

All Stealth Viewers join in order to gain more training and coaching in developing their CRV skills to a higher professional level. Members must therefore agree to participate in practice sessions that are conducted and managed by Anna Haight who will provide feedback and critique your session work.

Stealth Viewers are expected to be willing to participate in EMU research projects and/or client assignments but can reserve the right to refuse. Client work offered to Stealth viewers is considered as an opportunity to practice on real projects.

Requirements to join

EMU students:

Non-EMU students:

Membership Fees
Interested EMU students, alumni and Non EMU students please inquire of the Registrar ( for the latest fee schedule.

Stealth Club Benefits



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