Projects at the RV Research Institute

All Energy Medicine University’s (EMU) Stealth Viewers have been trained in the rigorous military Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Protocol and are continuously practicing to refine their skills.

Procedure to submit a CRV viewing project or assignment:

  1. Contact the Institute's Director, Dr. Surel through EMU. Since Anna Haight is part of the viewing team, she cannot discuss the projects with clients.
  2. Discuss your assignment with Dr. Surel
  3. A brief summary of the project will be written and agreed upon to include the fee
  4. Dr. Surel will task the viewers and give them a deadline for submitting their session work
  5. The session work will be analyzed and re-tasking assigned if necessary
  6. A written summary will be delivered to the client and a phone conversation can be scheduled with Dr. Surel



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