Energy Medicine University, established in 2006, is the distance learning school of the Academy of Intuition Medicine* which was founded in 1984.

Energy Medicine University is a private educational institution whose mission is the development, cultivation, education and enrichment of the human mind and spirit. The University is dedicated to providing distance learning instruction for students world-wide.

Energy Medicine University Integrative Holistic Health Concentrations. Earn a Course Certificate in single courses that can be grouped in the following areas of study:
• Bioeconomy and Psychosomatic Health
• Bioenergetics
• Biophysics
• Chinese Medicine: Ancient and Traditional Theory
• Consciousness and the Creative
• Consciousness and Nature
• Controlled Remote Viewing
• Energy Medicine
• Energy Psychology
• Hermetic Disciplines
• Holistic Leadership in Organizations
• Integral Psychology
• Intuition Medicine´┐Ż
• Intuitive Counseling
• Medical Intuition
• Organizational Transformation
• Spirituality and Health

Energy Medicine University offers graduate level coursework in energy medicine topics.


Rolling Admissions open for Spring
and Fall Semesters
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Jacqueline Chan DO, MIM

- Regenerate Your Brain

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