Program Statement

A growing consensus among scientists, scholars, health-care practitioners and visionaries is that our understanding of the world is being transformed at an unprecedented evolutionary pace. From this transformation is evolving a renewed approach in these disciplines that recognize the causative centrality of consciousness, an approach that grounds us in a holistic understanding of our world and our role as human beings.

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Program Focus

Students focus on the nature of consciousness and healing in historical and contemporary context. Relationships are explored between the conscious and unconscious mind, health and harmony of the body, and spiritual and religious nature of the person. Students distinguish experiences and ways of being that transcend the limits of psychological, philosophical and social paradigms. Transformative approaches to spiritual and wholistic counseling are examined. Students receive an integral education that honors scholarly texts and the wisdom voice of the person.

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Program Concentration Modules

Students may pursue a subset specialty of Holistic Health for a Certificate in Integrative Holistic Health. Specific Concentration modules are offered, however the students may create a Concentration which supports the student’s chosen Integrative Holistic Health focus. The Concentrations offered are: Bioeconomy and Psychosomatic Health, Bioenergetics, Biophysics, Consciousness and the Creative, Consciousness and Nature, Controlled Remote Viewing, Energy Psychology, Hermetic Disciplines, Holistic Leadership in Organizations, Integral Psychology, Intuitive Counseling, Medical Intuition, Organizational Transformation and Spirituality and Health.

Students choose one Concentration or a mix of the following courses to fulfill credit hours for a Certificate in Integrative Holistic Health:


Bioenergy Economy and Psychosomatic Health
Bioenergy Economy
Bioenergy Economy Tutorship II
Bioenergy Economy Leadership III
Epigenetics and Healing Response
Biosemiotic Pharmacology
Psychosomatic Healing

Biophysics in Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine in Therapeutics
Phenomenology Theory of Wholisitic Spiritual Healing
Phenomenology Research of Wholisitic Spiritual Healing
Energy, Integrity & Eternity
Creative Awareness & Self Healing
The Subtle Body and the Rainbow Lights

The Biofield: Toward a Scientific Foundation for Energy Medicine
Electromagnetic Fields and Their Clinical and Research Applications
Heart Rate Variability in Research and Clinical Practice
Biophysics in Energy Medicine

Consciousness and the Creative
The Architecture of Space
Creative and Visionary Processes
Creative Awareness and Self Healing
Relationship, Patterns and Dynamics of Consciousness
Dreams, Death and the Divine
Evolutionary Aesthetics: Education, Imagination and Social Transformation
The Subtle Body and the Rainbow Lights

Consciousness and Nature
The Art and Architecture of Consciousness
Energy, Integrity and Eternity
Connection, Communication, Creation and Communion
Chaos, Eros and Nomos
Consciousness Cosmologies and Maps
Sensitivity and the Sublime
Women, Wisdom and the World

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)
Controlled Remote Viewing
CRV - Part II
CRV - Part III
CRV - Advanced
CRV - Monitor
Radiesthesia - Vibrational Physics-Level 1
Advanced Application of Radiesthesia
Special Topics- CRV Research Institute: Internship

Energy Psychology
WHEE: Wholistic Hybrid derived from EMDR and EFT
Introduction to Energy Psychology
Depression Free with Energy Psychology
The Power of Energy Psychology with Children in Play Therapy
The Power of Energy Psychology and Addictions
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Free with Energy Psychology

Hermetic Disciplines
Radiesthesia - Vibrational Physics-Level 1
Sociology of the Paranormal
Extraordinary Dreams
Introduction to Scientific Feng Shui
Controlled Remote Viewing
Shamanism: Practices and Beliefs
Indigenous Medicine: Multi-dimensional Ways of Healing

Holistic Leadership in Organizations
XQ Intuitive Intelligence™
XQ Intuitive Intelligence™ – Part II
Spiritual Leadership
Spiritual Leadership – Part II
Critical Thinking
Spiritual Leadership - Part III

Integral Psychology
Personality and Intuition in Psychology
Relationships, Patterns and the Dynamics of Consciousness
Working with Bereaved Clients
Extraordinary Dreams
Extended-Family Therapy

Intuitive Counseling
The Subtle Body and the Rainbow Lights
Invisible Roots of Illness
The Intuitive Career: Historical Perspectives
The Intuitive Career: Contemporary Options
Intuition Medicine®: Energy Anatomy
Intuition Medicine®: Healing Systems

Medical Intuition
Energy Medicine in Therapeutics
Medical Intuition I: Physiology and Chakra System
Medical Intuition II: Physiology and Subtle Energy
The Art of Healing

Organizational Transformation
Organizational and Personal Transformation
Creating Environments That Heal
Whole-Person Caring
The Architecture of Space
Evolutionary Aesthetics: Education, Imagination, Social Transformation
Introduction to Scientific Feng Shui

Spirituality & Health
Invisible Roots of Illness
Clearing Past Life Trauma and Other Intuitive Level Disturbances
Kundalini Energy: Investigations in Transcendence Healing
The Spiritual Life of Children
Phenomenology Theory of Wholistic Spiritual Healing
The Art of Healing

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